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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Services

3D Biomechanics Human Motion Capture

Our software utilizes cutting edge human motion capture to show physical therapists their patients 3D exercise form. These 3D models help patients use correct form, helping to reduce and prevent injuries.

Biopotential Data & Data Analytics - Data Science Acceleration

PhysiSens is creating highly innovative, user friendly biopotential sensors that are clinically accurate and comfortable to the user while exercising. All the innovative sensors are pre-set directly in the shirt, making it easy for the patient to use, and no help is needed by medical professionals to apply the sensors.

A.I. & M.L. Feedback - Tracking Patients & Recovery

Our groundbreaking software is utilizing algorithms for quantifying the patient recovery progress, diagnosing, assessing, and healing injuries. 

SmartShirt - User friendly Wearable

The SmartShirt & SmartSleeve have all our sensors pre-set embedded in the SmartClothes, no help is needed by a medical staff to apply sensors. Comfortable to wear, the SmartClothing helps to facilitate natural movements and kinematics.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

PhysiSens is a groundbreaking medical device and software startup in the telerehabilitation/physiotherapy space. We create SmartClothing with innovative, clinically accurate sensor systems and pair them with state of the art A.I. & M.L. software, intending to aid physical therapists in injury diagnosis, injury prevention, patient recovery, and healing.

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